Your fans, likes, and traffic don’t matter

Your number of fans, the likes on your recent post, and the traffic last month on your website — none of it matters.

None of it matters in a way that is helpful to your business, that is.

While these may be indicators of you being onto something or getting closer to increasing your revenue, they may also be indicators that you’re way, way off track.

How could that be, you say?

Why your fans, likes, and traffic may mean nothing:

Lots of businesses shift and change over time. As you near the end of this year, perhaps you’re thinking about changing your audience, switching up your offering — maybe even a little of both next year.

All of us have morphed and altered our business over the course of time. Many of us — myself included — are not all that great at clarifying these shifts to the outside world. We “forget” to explain why we decided to make the changes we’ve made and inform people of the offerings we no longer want to sell or promote.

As a result, we post content that serves an old portion of our audience in order to not sway them away from our services. We sprinkle in some marketing here and there that might be more on track with where we’re going, in hopes that someone will wave their hand and say, “yes, I’m interested in that!”

The end result is a confused message to an audience that’s a mixed bag — people you used to serve a long time ago, served last year, and, if you’re lucky, people that’ve recently been attracted to your business by the new stuff you’re offering.

So without even meaning to, you may have subtly communicated a mildly schizophrenic business strategy, and your fans, likes, and traffic are all simply a reflection of it.

How to be clearer in 2016:

The steps for clarity are really simple.

To gain clarity, you have to follow these three steps:

  • Know what you want to offer
  • Know who you want to serve
  • Know who and what you want to leave behind

While the steps themselves might be as simple as a three-ingredient sugar cookie, following them is quite challenging for most entrepreneurs. Those three little steps above are really, really hard to nail down, in fact. You might be super lucky and be the kind of person that can answer those questions in a heartbeat.

Or, you might be the kind that needs a sounding board and someone to help you gain that clarity.

Or, you might need to step away from your business entirely and spend a week at a business retreat to really work on things.

Join me in getting clear.

I mentioned I struggle with the mental pull of wanting to not leave anything behind while also wanting to enter new markets, serve new customers, and create new things, too.

But I made a commitment to get more clear in 2016. In fact, I already started by discontinuing two books I wrote that I no longer want to promote and committed to revising my masterclass course to add in new content in mid-December.

I hope you join me in this simple clarity mission.

What do you need to get clearer about in your business next year?

Type it in the reply box below.


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    I need help getting more clients that CARE about photography , not to just look at pictures and get files. I want to get clients that understand that not ALL photographers are alike!

  2. says

    I give a print credit as part of my session fee, so that people are encouraged to print their photos. I need to be clear that the credit is for prints only, not digital files.

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