You Don’t Have To Work This Hard To Make A Living

You just have to work differently.

Work with Angela Pointon and find out how to market better and attract more clients
You might be:

  • Suffering from a seemingly never-ending pile of to-do’s
  • Doing more work editing, shipping orders, and responding to clients than actually creating (which is why you got into this business, isn’t it?)
  • Scared to make business changes you think you need to make in order to stay afloat
  • Afraid to let go of any aspect of your business for fear of a loss of control or a loss of revenue
  • Leaving the marketing and growth of your business to last because there is just so much work to do

You probably have an inkling that something needs to change, but you’re not sure you trust yourself to be on a self-guided exploration. You just want affirmation that your hunches are right (or not) and to be sent off on another path, so someone else can help save you dollars, hours and headaches.

Oh and, your competition is pretty fierce. So you’re a tad antsy about making changes that are too drastic for fear that they’ll pounce and steal your clients out from under you.

A Business Breakthrough Session is for you, if you:

  • Love creating, but the business side of it all is practically killing you
  • Got into business having no idea that it would be this hard to compete and win clients
  • Repeat the same insane work ethic week after week, without taking a breath of fresh air
  • Feel guilty about the list of things you want to do that you can’t seem to get to
  • Want to learn more about reducing your competition, getting more value for your work and increasing your profitability
  • Need some convincing on how to raise prices and earn more money per client


There’s a new lifestyle that’s possible for you… one that is more satisfying, balanced, and offers much, much more time for you to enjoy what you love doing.

You’ll become a better businessperson.

You’ll realize what granting more time to work on your business does for you.

You’ll feel inspired and excited (rather than exhausted and drained).


When you learn new breakthroughs for your business, you’ll become the very entrepreneur you meant to be when you started.


No more “I wish I had more time to be creative…” No more “If only I could manage to go to bed before midnight.” But, building the business you always dreamt you’d be will never happen, right? This is what being an entrepreneur means today, right?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You’re doing a little (okay maybe a lot) of stuff just to pay the bills
  • You’ve got marketing ideas in your head, if you could only carve out time to work on them
  • You really don’t want to spend hours doing the tasks you’re doing, but you don’t trust anyone else to do it better than you
  • You sense there might be a different, better way to compete and grow, if only there was a guide to get you there

After a Business Breakthrough Session, you will:

  • Be on your way toward owning a more profitable business.
  • Understand what to spend your time on (and what not to)
  • Strike a better balance every day, by ensuring you spend time doing what you love


The Business Breakthrough Session includes:

  • an assessment for you to complete to give me an idea of your current business
  • a 90-minute call with me where I ask challenging questions, cause you to think deeply, provide strategic guidance (I’m booking 2-3 weeks out, currently)
  • you are handed a written summary of action steps


A 90-minute Business Breakthrough Session requires a $350 investment.

After a Business Breakthrough Session, you will:

  • Clarity on owning a more profitable business
  • Understand what to spend your time on (and what not to)
  • Strike better balance every day, by ensuring you spend time doing what you love
  • Invigorate your marketing ideas and become motivated to execute them

I really appreciate all you do and the wonderful relatable advice on building a photography business. I have sung your praises to others I know who are starting out and already in the field!”
– Patricia, Twisted Root Studios

Keep up the great work…you’re helping many of us through it all!
– Josh McKee, McKee Photography

I feel more confident now talking about my business and it even made me feel better about myself.
– Conchita, Conchita Sophia Photography

Frequently asked questions about Business Breakthrough Sessions:

Q: What if I pay, but don’t get anything out of it?
A: That’s never happened before, but if it does, I’d be happy to refund every single penny you spent on your session.

Q: How much will I really gain from 90 minutes, and how will I know if it’s worth it?
A: Have you ever had someone offer 90 minutes of intense work on your business? It’s the most delightful experience imaginable. You will learn things and hear new perspectives in the first 30 minutes of our discussion. From there, we’ll go deeper and get at the roots of problems that are occurring for you as a business owner. And in the last 30 minutes we’ll discuss a recommended plan of action steps to get your business in a much more fulfilling and profitable state as quickly as possible.

Q: How will I know when I’m ready for a session?
A: If everything you read above sounds like you, then you’re ready. Honestly, I wish I spoke with more photographers who were earlier on in their businesses. The time to make things right is any time. It’s just a matter of your willingness to hear new ideas and be open to suggestions that could really make a huge, rewarding impact on your business.

Q: What if I need help now and cannot wait for a session to be scheduled?
A: Sign up for your session as soon as possible. They are scheduled in a first-come order, so the sooner you sign up, the better.

Get your Business Breakthrough Session.