What to do when you doubt your ability to succeed

We all have days (which can last into weeks) where we spend time doubting our abilities, our aptitude for obtaining success and why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place. Believe me… I used to do it, too.

Yet, whenever you or I look into our history books, we know that just about every single person who ever made it into those books had days of defeat and lingering weeks where they felt like an utter failure. Whether it be a lost battle on a field, an invention that didn’t work, or a book that was written but that no one read, even the greatest people had really bad days.

It helps me to think of them, and to remember that their lives weren’t perfect either. While the history books rarely tell the in-depth truth about how they really screwed stuff up sometimes, those books sure do make them look amazing.

History favors the bold.

Here are a few things to remind yourself of when you’re feeling like a has-been, a never-been or a never-will-be:

1. Business is about passion. Lots and lots of it. If those people in those history books gave up, they would have never made it into those history books! Remember:

Every time I fail, I am one step closer to finding success.

2. Marketing is about acting. Should your marketing be truthful? Yes. But should your marketing convey your darkest emotions? Eh, probably not. If you don’t market your strengths and your passion, no one will know it exists. One of the worst marketing mistakes to make when you’re feeling really low? Going underground and not marketing at all.

Marketing is like running a marathon. Slow and steady, with big pushes when you just feel like quitting.

3. Lots of times, your own gut tells you what you need to know. Sometimes it whispers; sometimes it yells (especially if you’ve already ignored it a few times). Try to listen to it, because, believe it or not, it’s got a ton of wisdom to share with you. Recently, I recorded a webinar about how to listen to it (enter your email at the top right of this page to receive a recorded version).

Your gut instinct is there to set you free.

4. Not beating yourself up and, instead, doing things like celebrating small successes is important. Sometimes, we can be the very cause of our defeat by “missing” the things we should be watching out for and constantly telling ourselves “this isn’t working” over and over and over. Small positive signs should be things we’re grateful for and clues that we’re on the right track. At the same time, if we’re not seeingĀ any positive signs it could be a great indicator that we need to change things up a bit. Really lost with knowing what is working and what isn’t? Get help from someone you can bounce things off of. It’s unbelievable how many sparks can go off and new ideas can begin forming just through a conversation.

Once you can imagine your success, you can achieve it.



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