Why I quit.

My hand started shaking as I struggled to hold the phone receiver against my head. I’ve only had a handful of moments as bad as these in my life. I couldn’t believe this was, yet, another one.

Whenever someone says something that jolts me out of my everyday life, my heart slams an auidibly hefty beat and drops to my gut. Buckets of cortisol release into my veins in a desperate attempt to help my organs deal.

I’m sorry, what?” I begged.

You’re worthless,” he repeated.

Right. That’s what I thought he said.

Those two words cemented a decision that had been circulating my brain in both waking moments and in my dreams for months, possibly even as long as a year.

I was chief operating officer for a marketing agency. I had climbed up to that position over the tireless, sleep-deprived efforts of seven years. And it took those two words from a client to realize it was time to quit — a client amongst countless others that I spent time away from my family, from my dreams, from my life to help.

I don’t truly believe he thought I was worthless. Or, maybe he did. It doesn’t matter.

I was done.

I called the conversation over, hung up the phone and made a decision that day to leave and run Steel Toe Images full time.

I decided that my life needed to have far fewer “whatevers” and far more “what ifs”.

Ironically, I felt like I was quitting someone else’s dream to follow my own. I could name a hundred fellow marketers in my network who would have killed for my position and my salary. Ditching made me feel guilty and was definitely one of the many reasons I held on for so long.

Alas, it wasn’t my dream. It was theirs.

Your idea of what’s better is worth it.
Stop ignoring it.

I know you have dreams. We all do. However, that word for many — including even me, sometimes — is a way of categorizing an idea into a “this would be cool, but it’d never actually happen” shoebox.

While I’m grateful that two little, powerful words busted my shoebox open, it doesn’t have to be that yucky and demoralizing. Hitting rock bottom body slams us into finally believing that things would be better elsewhere or if we did things differently. Sadly, we usually get there by not listening to voices, ideas and brilliance that are whispering to us the entire way.

You know. Those voices, ideas and brilliance that you were just dreaming about last night or, perhaps, the second before this email interrupted your thoughts.

Join a bunch of us that listened to our dreams and who want to share those experiences with you. Whether it be practical dreams of mastering sales, marketing, customer service or more inspirational dreams of doing that personal project you’ve not stopped thinking about or gaining the confidence to break into something new…

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