Do you want to stop dreaming about success and actually get there?

The 75-page Business Planning Cookbook includes multiple worksheets and over a dozen helpful videos

The 75-page Business Planning Cookbook includes multiple worksheets and over a dozen helpful videos

Business Planning E-Book:

Do you wish you could find a way to sit down and plan out your business’s growth?

Are you dying to earn more money right away, without blindly dreaming up ways to make that happen?

Do you want to stop dreaming about success and actually take action to make success happen?

Just about every creative entrepreneur out there has the same goal: get more clients and earn more. However, only the ones that are growing and successful week over week and month over month feel confident in their business’s ability to succeed. Why? How are they growing so steadily?

I’m willing to bet that these business owners didn’t just flip a switch and suddenly become lucky. Nope, I know they’ve got a business plan that’s keeping them focused and keeping their business on that steady incline track.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your work isn’t having as much of a positive impact on your revenue as you want it to.
  • Your competitors appear to be doing better than you, and you’re not sure why.
  • You know you’ve got some good, new ideas, but you struggle to get them implemented the right way or within your ideal timeline.

Entrepreneurs that take the precious time to work on their business plan gain multiple creative business ideas all working in harmony and the plan to get the ideas launched swiftly and without wasted time or work.

Business Planning Template

Get More Clients And Grow Your Business, Too.

In my past life, I had the benefit of working on business plans with some of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial companies in the entire United States. I’ve studied effective planning and I’ve utilized some of the world’s most results-driven methods for creating a plan that will actually result in growth and more money.

Imagine having access to a friend or a couple of business smarty pants that could sit with you and show you how to do this for your own business plan. No longer are you sitting there alone staring at a blank screen or just wishing for growth but having no idea how to make that happen.

Not sure where to start with your business, or what to do next? The Business Planning Cookbook gives me a clear process of simple steps to guide my wedding business through the essentials. Now I’m confident my business is headed in the best possible direction.” ~ Jill Simonds, Wedding Photographer

There’s Still Time To Make This Year A Killer Year.

If your year hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to so far or if you’re just craving more success, there’s still time to make a huge impact! In fact, the truth is there’s no perfect time to create a business plan. So you might as well create yours now and start making that positive impact on your business you’re longing for.

By reading this e-book and doing the written exercises, you should expect to gain:

  • A process for clarity on the main goal you have for your business.
  • A well mapped path from where you are today to where you want your business to go.
  • Concrete examples of how a disjointed, unremarkable business doesn’t succeed, and what you need inside your business plan to create the opposite affect on your business.
  • Serious focus to the business objectives and tasks that matter, reducing the distracting, ineffective stuff most business owners waste time on.

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The Best Business Plans Are Simple. Find Out How To Get One For Your Business.

When you hear the words “business plan” you get the shivers, right? Sounds like a formal and utterly boring document. Yick. Well the biggest secret about growth-minded companies is that, while they are vigilant about planning, their business plans are simple and highly focused. So simple that they aren’t dozens of pages long only to be left sitting on a dusty shelf.

The business planning process is what reveals insane insight, clarity and ideas, with the most critical and right information in the plan.

Planning in the way this Business Planning Cookbook instructs is like putting on a pair of the correct prescription glasses after years of wearing the old, wrong ones. Suddenly, the outlook is clearer and easier to navigate. That’s what happens when you take the time to create a business plan.

Get The Business Planning Cookbook.

Business Planning Cookbook - an e-book for creative entrepreneursThe Business Planning Cookbook was created with a light cooking metaphor throughout it to maintain your interest and keep your attention until the end. Why? Because finishing your business plan is critical to your success.

The Business Planning Cookbook comes with:

  • Over 75 page e-book PDF
  • 10 accompanying worksheets to help you complete your plan easier
  • A private Google+ community exclusive for only people that have purchased this e-book
  • 12 supportive videos to guide you toward your goals


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Just $99 if you buy now.

Giving You Even More Inspiration For Your Plan.

I partnered with Zach Prez of Photography Spark on the revised business plan e-book that is available now. He’s a fellow MBA and a brilliant marketer and business entrepreneur (and also an expert in online SEO!). He created a handful of the helpful videos that come with this e-book when you purchase it.

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