Branding How-To’s With Kaye Putnam, Dream Bigger Conference Speaker

Kaye Putnam and I are part of the same small business group, Kick Start Labs. Kaye is also a speaker at the upcoming Dream Bigger Conference. She joined me on a call so I could interview her on her favorite topic: branding.

Kaye Putnam, Dream Bigger Conference Speaker

Kaye Putnam, Dream Bigger Conference Speaker

Me: Give us a little history on yourself.
Kaye: I used to be a photographer a few years ago, and now I’m a brand consultant. I think that creative people are multidimensional and are interested in a lot of different facets, just like I am. Recently, I became interested in brand archetypes.

Me: What’s a brand archetype?
Kaye: The concept is that our minds, whether we realize it or not, are categorizing people into boxes. If you can put your brand into a container and help people understand who you are, then it gives the right people, your ideal customers, a better ability to fall in love with who you are and what your business represents.

Me: Can you give us some examples of different brand archetypes that exist?
Kaye: If you’re an Explorer, you’ll attract people who are looking for adventure. If you’re a Hero, you’ll almost force yourself to succeed no matter what and will do everything to help others to succeed, as well.

There are twelve different brand archetypes in total, and each one is very different from the next.

Me: How do you deal with brand confusion or people who aren’t sure which aspect about themselves they should be branding their business as?
Kaye: Even though your personality might be multi-faceted, your dominant brand archetype might be exactly what your audience needs. Sometimes you can be surprised how your brand differs from your own personality. When you’re putting out messages that aren’t cohesive, however, you confuse your audience.

Understanding which message and brand resonates the most and makes the most sense for your particular audience is critical.

Me: How do you keep your brand archetype in check so you don’t stray all over the place and confuse followers?
Kaye: Keep a brand board on Pinterest or even physically hung up in your office. By keeping the things that inspire your brand in front of you at all times, you can check it against your blog content, social content and other marketing messages to make sure it all syncs together harmoniously.

It’s important to take the quiz with your brand in mind.

Take Kaye’s Brand Archetype Quiz And Get Your Results — It’s Free!

When I took the quiz myself, I landed at the brand archetype “Innocence”. It made me think differently about my branding up until that point and encouraged me along the path to making some changes I’ve been pondering.

Take it for yourself at the link above and see what it reveals about your brand!

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