One simple tweak that’ll improve your About Page

Searching for ways to write your website’s pesky about page? If you’re like most of us, you struggle with writing it in a way that doesn’t sound cheesy, trite, or over-promotional.

You want people to get the sincere you, but you struggle to make that come through in words.

Instead, you try to avoid looking at it…even though every single one of your website visitors is definitely taking a gander.

This simple tweak will improve your about page instantly and help you craft the rest of it confidently.

One tweak to improve your about page

People read your about page for two primary reasons:

  • To find out more about you and your business, and
  • To find out how and why you do what you do

Even though you might feel a bit corny writing it, I’d say that, generally speaking, people are pretty good at telling the world their bio.

However, where people really fail is telling the world how they’re different. Either because they haven’t figured that out, yet, or because they don’t know how to put it into words that mean anything.

When people read your about page, they’re asking for an answer to the question, “who?”

But as soon as they get past learning a little bit about you, the reader will want to know answers to “how” and “why”. And when page authors use all-too-common phrases such as “exceptional attention to detail” or “excellent customer service”, they’re attempting to state their differentiation without actually saying anything meaningful.

Telling people how and why you do what you do is simple tweak that goes a long way.

Take a minute to re-read your about page, and mentally circle the words on your page that likely mean nothing to your readers.

Then, work to tell stories or provide a scenario that helps better illustrate that point, instead.

For example, providing details about your actual customer experience and what it’s like working with you is much more tangible and impressive to a visitor than saying you have “excellent customer service”.

Add on top of that the fact that merely providing specifics helps separate you from your competition — all of which are using the more common and less meaningful phrases, instead.

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