How to know if your business is competitive enough to make it

You want your business to be the most desired, the one the customers call first, and, ultimately, the one that scores each prospects’ money.

It might seem like you should get that by doing the things that everyone says you should do: blogging, updating your website, advertising, and so on.

But sometimes, despite all those things, the phone doesn’t ring enough and the web leads just don’t come in at the rapid rate you need.

When your business lacks a competitive edge, the marketing becomes more challenging.

So instead of communicating what you offer, you feel more like you’re begging for attention.

It’s exhausting trying to compete like crazy to win business, not to mention mentally draining not knowing how you’ll get the client inquiries you need to grow.

No one wants entrepreneurship to feel like this.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to. By infusing your personality and intentionally building your brand as something your audience cannot resist, you’ll begin crushing those other boring businesses around you.

For example, a client I work with on an ongoing basis routinely performs better than her (heavy) competition.

She’s infused her personality and a ton of attraction-generating goodness into every aspect of her brand and customer experience. As a result, the mere exercise of sending one email to her audience results in a pile of new client inquiries.

In fact, since the beginning of the year, we’ve generated 217 leads (and counting) with ease.

The rapid flurry of client inquiries isn’t due to fancy marketing tactics. I promise you… I’m doing the same things for her as you are for your business.

Our success is because her business is a match for exactly what her ideal customer desires, right down to the smell in the air when you walk through the door.

Her business is magnetic. Yours can be, too.

When your business is designed as a magnetic business, the marketing is the easy part. You craft an email, hit send, and reliably BOOM. Leads!

About 18 months ago, I started documenting the methodology I use to make businesses become more magnetic. I wanted to help entrepreneurs like you with the challenge of branding, writing a website in a remarkable way, and differentiating from the competition.

And over that time, Magnetic Business Masterclass was built.

Membership to the Magnetic Business Masterclass is now open for enrollment. This five-week course includes lessons on everything you need to make your business magnetic to your prospective customers.

Don’t file this email to come back to later. Magnetic Business has a limited number of seats and registration closes this coming weekend.

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