Three examples of how Facebook ads can improve your business in 2016

I’ll admit it. When Facebook first launched its ad platform, I was skeptical. But since studying and testing a multitude of Facebook ads for clients over the past few years, I’m hooked.

Thanks to a Facebook ad genius, Claire Pelletreau, I’ve gone from knowing next to nothing about Facebook ads to having a deep understanding of how they work, and — most importantly for my own business — how to make them work for my clients.

If you want to learn more about Facebook ads, too, she’s got an end-of-year deal on her Facebook ads e-book (which is where I learned almost 100% of what I know about Facebook ads). There’s info on it at the bottom of this post.

Facebook’s ad platform is so robust, you can target the specific kinds of clients you want to have hire you.

Example 1:
Moving your business to a new town? No problem! Use Facebook ads to generate interest and leads before you even set up shop.

Example 2:
Targeting a new niche? Easy. Build a landing page that talks specifically to that niche and create a Facebook ad targeted at people within that niche.

Example 3:
Want to grow your email list? Simple dimple. Create something informative that people will want to download and launch an ad that requires their email in order to download it.

Virtually any client demand-generation need can be fulfilled by Facebook ads.

But what if you serve mostly business-to-business clients? Doesn’t matter. If your audience is 30+ years of age, they likely have a Facebook account that they check on a daily basis. And if you determine some interests–or Facebook pages–they likely follow, you can target them using Facebook ads.

If your audience is younger than 30? Facebook just launched their Instagram ads platform, which is pretty nifty and uses the same robust engine as Facebook does for targeting. If you learn how to run Facebook ads, you’ll understand how to run Instagram ads, too.

Want to learn more about how to create your own Facebook ads?

Go you! Now that it’s so difficult to get any reach for your Facebook page posts, it’s a smart move to invest in a little paid advertising to get more eyes on your products and services.

Right now my go-to-gal for Facebook ads, Claire Pelletreau, is offering a really great bonus for anyone who purchases her e-book, Absolute FB Ads. From now until December 23, you get free access to her SUPER simple video course all about Google Analytics. Google Analytics and Facebook ads go hand-in-hand – after all, how do you know what you should be spending money promoting if you don’t know what people are doing once they get over to your site?

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