Evergreen vs. launch marketing and how both help your business

Before we dive into this article, let’s be certain you and I both understand the terminology written in the text below.

Evergreen marketing is:

  • your customer experience
  • your brand

It’s things like how you answer the phone, how you respond to emails (and how quickly!), and how you answer prospective clients’ questions before they’re ready to buy.

Orchestrating a launch could mean:

  • getting the word out about something new you want to offer
  • promoting something you already offer in a new way

A launch might be an event you’re hosting or attending where you’re hoping to meet and engage with future clients. Or, it might be a special promotion for something you already sell. It could even be a new packaging or positioning for something you’ve sold in the past, too.

So, when you think of your business’s marketing, you might think about your website, your social profiles, or an ad you recently ran.

But if you look at other successful businesses, their marketing is easily broken down into two buckets: evergreen marketing and launch marketing.

The difference between evergreen and launch marketing.

Why you need evergreen marketing:
Evergreen marketing are the things that go on to help market your business every day. They’re things like your website and your social media.

But evergreen marketing is also your customer experience and your brand. It’s the things that make your business unique and desirable for your ideal customer.

Businesses like Starbucks and Apple collect lines of customers every day because of their strong evergreen marketing. They launch new products infrequently. But all year long they pay careful attention to their brand and the things that make their ideal customers come to their store frequently.

In Magnetic Business Masterclass, we work on evergreen marketing so that you, too, build a long line of customers.

When you need launch marketing:
Launch marketing is sporadic. When you have something new to offer, you spend time planning it out and deciding how you’ll promote it.

Launch marketing consists of blips in activity during an otherwise steady year of growth. They’re irregular—albeit planned—bursts in sales and new customers.

Your business likely cannot survive alone on launch marketing. While some have indeed proven it’s possible, like Marie Forleo who only launches one thing each year for a limited time, most businesses cannot earn or grow enough by focusing on launch marketing alone.

What marketing do you spend most of your time on?

Are you investing time and energy into your evergreen marketing – the kind of energy that’ll build year-upon-year growth? Or are you more focused on launch marketing – the kind that’ll send bursts of activity your way?


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