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I think hustle is way over rated.

We jam pack our calendars with stuff before the week even gets started. We overcommit to projects that either “need” to get done or pique our interest ever so slightly so we say, “sure, why not?”

We’re hypnotized into believing that more work equals more revenue.

Much of the world glorifies being busy, but much of the world is also stressed out, unhealthy and exhausted.

What if less work equaled more revenue?

The hypnosis most people underwent at an early stage in life dictated that stopping meant losing. Therefore, despite exhaustion, regardless of unhappiness, it was more important than anything to keep going.

This isn’t just another article telling you that you should spike your prices tomorrow and book fewer clients.

You need some space. The time you’re gifted when you don’t overbook into jam-packed oblivion is time you can be spending on planning your world domination—even if you’d merely love to dominate small corner of the world.

Space to do the important stuff.

When you hustle your way through your business, you cannot be mindful of the intent of your work. To make some bucks to pay the bills is a mission that gets old and tired – fast.

Making time for planning in the short-term is the hardest part. The easiest part is the part that comes next.

It’s where the space and permission to remove the normal barriers to your thinking reaps its reward. It’s also where step-by-step plans are made to get to the goals you dream up.

It’s not hustle. It’s planning.

As author and hip-hop/fashion mogul, Russell Simmons wrote:

Those moments of stillness are where my greatest ideas come from—every creative thought, every innovative business plan.”

On-the-fly plans aren’t cutting it for you anymore.

The Business Planning Cookbook is a 15,000+ word e-book that walks you through the creation of your business plan. You’ll gain clarity through the creation of a vision statement – the beacon that all of your work is guided by. You’ll find ease in mapping out monthly objectives and targets, plus the tasks you need to reach them.

You’re a savvy entrepreneur and you’re wickedly creative. But your habit of “keeping busy” makes you plan haphazardly. After reading the Business Planning Cookbook, you’ll easily see what work is worth it to take on (because it helps you reach your vision) and what busywork to pass on.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your work isn’t having as much of a positive impact on your revenue as you want it to.
  • Your competitors appear to be doing better than you, and you’re not sure why.
  • You know you’ve got some good, new ideas, but you struggle to get them implemented the right way or within your ideal timeline.

Entrepreneurs that take the precious time to work on their business plan gain multiple creative business ideas all working in harmony and the plan to get the ideas launched swiftly and without wasted time or work.

The Business Planning Cookbook includes multiple worksheets and over a dozen helpful videos

The Business Planning Cookbook includes multiple worksheets and over a dozen helpful videos

Not sure where to start with your business, or what to do next? The Business Planning Cookbook gives me a clear process of simple steps to guide my wedding business through the essentials. Now I’m confident my business is headed in the best possible direction.” ~ Jill Simonds, Wedding Photographer

Get The Business Planning Cookbook.

Business Planning Cookbook - an e-book for creative entrepreneursThe Business Planning Cookbook was created with a light cooking metaphor throughout it to maintain your interest and keep your attention until the end. Why? Because finishing your business plan is critical to your success.

The Business Planning Cookbook comes with:

  • Over 75 page e-book PDF
  • 10 accompanying worksheets to help you complete your plan easier
  • A private Google+ community exclusive for only people that have purchased this e-book
  • 12 supportive videos to guide you toward your goals

Start working on your business instantly

When you buy the Business Planning Cookbook for just $99, you get instant access to everything this e-book includes.

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  1. says

    Hi Angela! Thanks for posting this. I love all your articles and this one comes at the opportune moment. I can so relate to everything you wrote! My question is that would non-photography business owners benefit from this business planning cookbook as well? I have a friend who recently started a consignment shop business and is looking to expand. I would love to recommend this book to her if it might be something that she can use for her business plan as well. 🙂 Many thanks in advance and always, for being an inspiration to us all.

    • says

      Hi Laura! Hope all is well with you 🙂

      In short: yes, it is appropriate.

      While the guide talks about a photographer as a source for examples, the e-book can be used and implemented by any creative entrepreneur. In fact, the plan is to co-market the book in the future with some other creative audiences outside of photography. Thanks for passing it along to your friend and also for the super kind words and loyalty.


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