How to use a simple task to book more clients

When I ask most people in my sphere what their 2016 goals are, they typically surround things like:

  • Landing more clients
  • Finding the right clients
  • Getting clients that are willing to pay more

But then there’s this amorphous unknown blob, otherwise known as “how to get there”.

How something as simple as a new year can help you land more clients:

If you’re like many of the people I hang with, then making more money or working with more clients isn’t a new concept.

In fact, you probably thought about it lots in 2015 and maybe even prior to that.

But once 1/1/2016 rolled around, you put a line in the sand and made it your business goal (or something similar to it) for this year.

One thing to change that’ll get you there faster:

The really crappy thing about business goals is they often don’t have little accomplishments tied to them that lead up to a larger goal.

For instance, I would like to work with more clients. But I can’t. Well, not how my business is currently structured and certainly not if I want to maintain a healthy work/life harmony.

I just don’t have enough time to add more retainer clients.

So in order to work with more clients, I have to break down some barriers that are prohibiting me from scaling. Things like building a network of freelancers that can do the work at the same — if not better — quality for clients.

Even that task seems daunting. Building a network? Ugh.

But once you manage to break the goal down into small tasks that are done daily or weekly, suddenly it all seems possible. And not only possible — it seems to offer the small rewarding feeling of accomplishment that’s necessary in order to keep moving forward.

As this past article of mine explains, being able to say the word “done” consistently and often is critical for helping your brain to stay motivated.

By breaking down a big goal (get more clients) into a task (build a network of freelancers) and then into a smaller task (connect with three new potential freelance partners every day) means I might actually make headway toward my big 2016 goal before the end of January.

What 2016 goals do you have and what are some small, daily or weekly steps you can take to get there?

Put them in the reply section below and I promise to comment back.


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